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Don’t make your body text font-weight light

I use the excellent Stylus add-on to fix a lot of broken websites, and by far the most common single line of text I enter is body {font-weight: normal;}, because someone, somewhere has declared body {font-weight: 300;}, thereby making all elements render with a lighter font weight than they would by default. That includes paragraphs and list items.

Don’t do this! In one fell swoop, you’re making your website difficult to read for anyone:

  • using a less than high-spec mobile phone
  • using a less than high-spec desktop monitor
  • who doesn’t have perfect eyesight

Assuming your reader does have a great device and perfect eyesight, you’re still taking a risk – it’s quite possible you’ve paired font-weight: 300 with color: #888 on background-color: #fff. Or you’ve not made your body copy nice and big.

Lighter than normal text is readable over short runs at a large type size, so it might be appropriate for titles and various call-outs. If you want to use font-weight: 300 (or even lighter), only apply it to specific elements, e.g. h1 {font-weight: 300;}, never to your body.