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Living in Nigel Farage's dream

Over the last few days, and I’m sure my experience isn’t uncommon, I’ve been half noticing David Cameron getting in and out of black Mercedes while a bunch of men in dark suits and white shirts watch on.

Cameron has a serious face he deploys when he’s trying to appear statesmanlike, and he’s been making his serious face a lot among the eurosuits recently. It involves tightening his lips. Here’s a picture of Cameron getting into a eurocar while pulling his serious face:

David Cameron ducking into a car

David Cameron getting into a car seriously

This would all be jolly fun if the consequences weren’t actually serious. Perhaps I should have been taking more notice, but it did all seem like some Tory game. While Cameron pretended to negotiate on our behalf I didn’t speak to one person who as much as mentioned immigration and benefits, let alone EU membership. In fact, the EU has been a complete non-issue in my adult life.

Of course, getting out of the EU is important to a few Tory lunatics and frothing xenophobes like Nigel Farage, and that’s what all the ducking in and out of cars in Brussels has been about. This makes me sad. We’ve actually reached a stage where Farage’s dreams could dictate the UK we live in.

I guess we need to wake up from this nightmare. I’m not particularly pro-EU, but I am anti-Farage. I’m sure most normal British people feel the same. In that spirit I predict an easy win for the in vote, 61/39. Happily enough, I’m good at predicting referendums.