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You should try the blogging platform called WordPress

I was going to write a post about implementing search on a static site, this after spending a day implementing a rustic comments system on a static site.

(Incidentally, actual search on static sites, as opposed to javascript fuelled filtering, is really quite poor compared to sending a traditional search query to a database and getting some more or less relevant results back.)

You’d have thought I’d have realised by now that WordPress provides all this stuff out of the box, and probably needs 30 minutes’ configuration to get everything just right. I mean, I “ditched” WordPress eight years ago (and blogged about it (natch)).

Instead of publishing 374 posts on tinkering with Jekyll I should’ve written just one back in 2013 about how it was fun getting my hands dirty with a static site generator, but, no thanks. I’d rather just get on with writing stuff. I’ll get some decent hosting and re-import everything back to WordPress.

A handwritten graph demonstrating how little one writes when you spend all your time thinking about the blogging platform you could use.

Go find yourself. Source:

I am joking, more or less.

Of course, writing about reading, writing and publishing online is fun. But still, all the time I’ve wasted tinkering with this stuff.